The Lot

Whether you begin with a lot containing an existing home, or a vacant lot, you will need to have a parcel on which to build. If you have not already obtained suitable land, Kelly Cove has an alliance with Casey Margenau. With more than 25 years in sales, over a decade as a “Top Producer” in Northern Virginia, and five consecutive years as Re/Max’s “Number One Agent Worldwide,” Casey’s wealth of experience helps to ensure the financial success of his clients. Casey will consult with you to find the lot that meets your vision (and budget). His professionalism and attention to detail have led him to the very top of his field.

Secure Financing (if needed)

For your financing needs, Kelly Cove’s network of lenders offer a variety of construction options. We will consult with you early in the process and provide a rough non-binding estimate of what your project will likely cost. From this estimate, you should secure a Pre-Approval letter of financing from an approved lending source.

Engineering/ Site Discovery

When your lot is identified, you will need an engineer to determine the buildable area, commonly referred to as the "Building Envelope." Once we know the size of the envelope, the next step begins….working with the Architect.


Our architectural design process begins with the You. We sit down one-on-one with you to discuss the project’s dynamics, including:

1. Location

2. Practical Needs

3. "Wish Lists"

4. Municipal Regulations

5. Budget

6. Timeline

We call these sessions “concept meetings.” From concept approval, we then create a simple design sketch(s) for your review. The next step is to develop a CAD file, which allows us to generate construction documents. Our design software allows us to translate concepts into clear and thorough construction documents, thus eliminating mistakes and allowing the end product to exceed your expectations. Kelly Cove has long standing relationships with the some of the area’s most renowned architects. If you don’t already have an architect in mind, we will assist in the selection of one based on your vision and budget. Should you require them, we will also provide a set of plans for your lender.

The Budget

Now that we have a clear idea of your vision, we will work with you to clarify yet another important component of the project…The Budget.

Establishing the budget is necessary to secure financing. It will also be a component of your agreement with Kelly Cove. Using a set of plans from your architect, we obtain competitive bids from various sub-contractors. We have several sub-contractors within each key area of the build process. Additionally, as a tangible value-add to our clients, much of the labor involved in the building of your home is done by Kelly Cove employees. This saves you money -- and enhances our ability to manage out defects and manage in quality. Once the bids are returned to us, we compile your budget.


Depending on your availability and clarity of vision, the process of securing a loan, blueprinting your project, obtaining permits and beginning the actual build process should take between 3-5 months. Once the building starts, the average time to completion is approximately 4 months.