At Kelly Cove, we believe that the business model that works is one that is first focused on the customer.  As similar businesses endeavor to branch out, adding new products and services for their clients, many will fail by venturing too far away from their core deliverable. The essence of our business is taking your vision and making a reality. Beyond that, Kelly Cove has acquired an ability to organically perform many of the tasks associated with home building. These services can be delivered independently or in conjunction with a custom home or remodel /renovation / addition project. This allows us to optimize quality management while keeping costs to you low.

Design and Build / Custom Homes:

Each design and build client presents a unique opportunity for Kelly Cove. For years, our team has been creating new homes for the area’s most discerning private clients. To begin the process, we work with you to create the design that embodies your vision in every way. Of course, all Kelly Cove custom home projects are closely supervised, from design conception  down to the selection of framing materials. 

Home Remodeling / Renovation / Additions

Remodeling / Renovations and Additions account for a growing portion of our business. In Northern Virginia (Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, and Vienna) where values have soared, property owners are electing to enhance their current homes through renovations and additions. In response to these changing needs, we offer a menu of services  from kitchen and bath remodels, to entire home transformations.

In many cases, remodeling may be more challenging than a full blown custom home project. A contractor must be sensitive to existing structure and design elements, while at the same time bringing your vision to life.  With your dream design as the primary “blueprint,” Kelly Cove delivers to you the ultimate finished product through regular communication, superior architectural design, craftsmanship and a constant keen eye on the economics.

Finished Basements

Finishing your basement is a great way to add both value and comfort to your home. If you already have design plans, Kelly Cove will ensure that they comply with current building codes and will obtain all permits and inspections required by your local government. This ensures that your project will meet all safety requirements.    In most cases, this facilitates the steps necessary to formally include the finished area in the overall square footage of your home.   Should you require remodeling plans, Kelly Cove’s network of architects will design the build out with your concept and budget in mind.

Home Audio / Visual & Security Design and Installation Services

The best time to design and install a comprehensive wiring system in your home is during the construction process. Don't limit the dream home you are building today to technologies that will be obsolete tomorrow. With the proper design and materials, your new home will remain ready for future technology expansion.

Your home's wiring is the “Central Nervous System” upon which your future electronic lifestyle is built. Kelly Cove's Structured Wiring Solution starts with a centralized cabling hub, creating easy access for any necessary modification.

Because future technologies are uncertain, we’ll ensure that your home’s wiring remains compatible by designing in a level of adaptability from the beginning. With the proper combination of Category 5 telephone wire, RG-6 coaxial cable, and speaker wire, you can be sure that the right cable and bandwidth will be available throughout your home.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

A beautiful kitchen is the heart of any home -- even for those who rarely spend time over a stove. Kitchens have become the focal area for social and family activities. Combining both functionality and “personality,” Kelly Cove’s design partners can create a kitchen which not only changes the way you entertain, but one which will also increase the value of your home.

When looking to create a new feel for your home, the bath is one space you can't afford to overlook. The space should be practical, while at the same time offering the option of a tranquil, spa-like space for pure relaxation.   To meet both needs, Kelly Cove works with select wholesale plumbing distributors with products ranging from “builder grade” to high end designer products and fixtures.